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First things first.  We need an address for your new website.  A website’s address is called a domain name.  It literally marks where your site exists online.  Ideally, the domain name includes the name of your business, like www.halowtassava.com, but you could also have a web address like www.veterinaryconsultants.com.  While the latter name doesn’t mention our company’s name, it includes terminology regularly used by veterinarians looking for practice consultants, so it could be extremely valuable in driving traffic to our business.

If you already have a website you either purchased a domain name from  a site like www.godaddy.com or your website hosting provider purchased it for you.  During our initial discussion about your website goals and design interests, we’ll help you determine who owns your website domain and how best to move forward.

Because a domain name should be simple for clients to remember, you should gravitate towards a domain name that’s simple and short.  If you currently have a long domain or difficult domain name go to www.godaddy.com and search for available domains that better fit your business. Your website hosting provider can redirect your current domain name to the new domain name so you do not loose traffic to your site. If a client has saved your old domain name you would do not want them to have their saved link go nowhere when they use it.

What is the cost for a domain name? The cost for a domain name varies depending on the name. The more attractive or generic a domain name is the more it will cost to purchase. You can purchase your domain name for a period of time, usually a 2 – 5 year contract. It is important that you are diligent with the renewal of your domain name or your domain will go back into the open market and someone else can purchase it. Again, we’ll be happy to assist you with understanding how best to move forward.

Hosting Options

Have Halow Tassava Assist you With Finding a Website Host

Unsure of what do to in this area?  We’ll be happy to help! HTC will not be responsible for maintaining your site updates or for hosting issues and concerns.

Host with your own provider

If you are happy with your current website host we will be happy to work with them to get your website smoothly transitioned after it is completed.  HTC will not be responsible for maintaining your site updates or for hosting issues and concerns.

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